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Sunbella Sun Wrap Rainbow Bee Eater

Sunbella Sun Wrap Rainbow Bee Eater

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With this Rainbow Bee Eater sun wrap, you'll feel comfortable and elegant year-round, with this perfect sun protection solution.  Wear it ten ways and protect your skin from 98% of UV rays. 

Limited edition colour, Rainbow Bee Eater. This print is designed by Mark Rae, a local self-taught Perth artist.  Mark creates expansive abstract paintings that are designed to take up the viewers field of vision and invoke the experience of pareidolia which is the tendency of humans to see objects, faces or meaning where there is none. He has a wonderful understanding of colours and has developed a unique technique that produces complex and interesting designs.  

His work has been exhibited at DADDA (Disability in the Arts, Disadvantage in the Arts, Australia) in Fremantle and by ABILITY WA.

Comfort, style and UPF50+ protection

- UPF50+. Blocks 98% of UV rays
- Can be worn 10 different ways.
- Made from recycled materials
- Feels luxuriously soft against your skin
- Doesn't crease (perfect for travelling!) 
- Can be dampened to keep you cool

The small / medium wrap will be the one for you, if:
- you usually wear tops that are size 14 or under, AND
- you are under 180 cm tall

The medium /large size is best if you:
- usually wear tops that are size 16 or over, OR
- you are over 180cm tall

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